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Welcome to our Workshop Portal, where the heart of Children’s Ministry and Sabbath School thrives. Our workshops are designed to enrich the spiritual education of children and support the leaders who guide them. We delve into the essence of Sabbath School teachings and Family Worship's pivotal role while recognizing the value of small group interactions for parents and families. Our sessions are tailored to fortify these core aspects and to advance your expertise in cultivating a nurturing and faith-centered community. Engage with us for a comprehensive workshop experience that promises to enhance your ministry's impact on children's lives.

Up Coming Workshops

Join us at one of our scheduled Conference-wide workshops, or contact us about scheduling a workshop for your church. A description of all the workshops we offer can be found below.

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VBS LIVE - Feb 25, 2024

Register for our VBS LIVE Workshop. Go through a day in the life of a VBS attendee and experience what the kids do at your VBS. Get all the tips for a successful VBS for your church and community. Click on the image to get more information, register, and learn how to get this year's VBS Kit for FREE. Click the image to be taken to the registration page.

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Connecting Families through Small Groups

This is an exciting workshop on creating small groups for parents, families, and children! This workshop will cover everything you need to know to start, grow, and sustain successful small groups. From group dynamics to strategies for growth, you'll learn how to create a supportive and engaging environment. You'll discover how small groups can lead to baptism and deeper connections within your church community by meeting your families' needs.

Jan 27 - Bakersfield, Hillcrest SDA
Feb 3 - Ceres SDA
Feb 17 - Watsonville Spanish SDA
March 2 - Visalia SDA
March 9 - Mt. View Central SDA
March 16 - Arroyo Grande SDA
March 23 - Fresno Hispanic
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Faithful Foundations: For Sabbath School Leaders & Teachers 

Unlock the full potential of your Sabbath School leadership at our comprehensive workshop series. The event kicks off with "The Foundations of Sabbath School: Where Spirituality Meets Practicality," a 50-minute session covering the A to Z of practical class management, from volunteer recruitment to budgeting. Click the video button to access a recording of this workshop presented at our Conference-wide training in 2023.

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Age-Specific SS Workshops

1. Nurturing Faith from the Beginning: For leaders teaching Birth to 5-year-olds. Discover age-appropriate strategies to engage our youngest members while laying the groundwork for a lifetime of faith.


2. Fostering Faithful Foundations: Effective strategies for teaching Ages 6-13 in Sabbath School. Dive into tailored methods for connecting with older children, focusing on faith development and community engagement.

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God's Garden & Family Roots

A transformative workshop designed for parents of children aged from infancy to 13. Dive into the Biblical foundations of gentle parenting, explore different parenting styles, and learn the importance of emotional intelligence in your parent-child relationship. Discover the impact of screen time and lockdowns on your child's communication skills and walk away with practical, faith-based strategies for effective communication. Don't miss this opportunity and strengthen your family bonds!

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Spiritual Styles

Join us for a unique workshop on understanding the 7 spiritual styles and how they can impact your Sabbath School classroom. This workshop will explore how people connect to their faith and how understanding your own spiritual style and recognizing the spiritual styles of the children in your class can help you create a more meaningful and effective learning environment. You'll discover how to connect with your students in a way that deepens their spiritual relationship with God. Don't miss this opportunity to take your Sabbath School teaching to the next level!

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Power of Family Worship

This introductory workshop will explore the six benefits of starting or revitalizing your worship time as a family and how it can bring your family closer to God and each other. You'll discover the importance of strengthening your spiritual connection as a family and how it can impact your daily lives. This workshop can also be presented as a sermon before the follow-up workshop, "5 Tips to Start or Grow Your Family Worship," where you will learn practical steps to make family worship a regular part of your daily routine. 

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5 Tips to Start Family Worship

In this follow-up workshop to the "6 benefits of starting or revitalizing your worship time together," you will learn five tips to make family worship a regular part of your daily routine. You will learn how to plan, prepare and lead a meaningful family worship time, select appropriate worship materials, and create an inviting and comfortable environment for your family worship time. You will also learn how to involve all members of your family in the worship experience and how to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone..

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Child Safety

This workshop provides training on how to keep children in your church safe and how to screen volunteers properly. The workshop will cover best practices for child safety, including policies and procedures, recognizing and reporting abuse, and creating a safe environment for children. You will also learn how to screen volunteers effectively, including background checks and reference checks, and how to train volunteers on child safety. Experienced professionals will lead the workshop on child safety and volunteer management. Don't miss this opportunity to ensure the safety and well-being of your church's children and manage your volunteer team effectively.

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Children's Evangelism

Bring this workshop on teaching children's evangelism to your church. This workshop covers everything you need to know to start and run a successful children's evangelism program in your church. From planning and preparing to deliver the message, you'll learn how to create an engaging and interactive environment for children to learn about God. The workshop will cover teaching methods, selecting appropriate materials, and involving the entire congregation in the program. You'll also learn how to measure the success of your program and how to make it sustainable. Don't miss this opportunity to share God's message with children effectively.

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Energize Your Sabbath School

Are you looking to revitalize your youth and adult Sabbath experience and grow attendance? Join us for a workshop focused on how Sabbath School is the foundation of small groups in our church. This workshop will delve into the original design of Sabbath School and explore new models of group communication to enhance the experience. You will learn how to create a dynamic and engaging environment for adult learners, foster deeper relationships, and increase attendance. Don't miss this opportunity to bring new life to your Sabbath School program.

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