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Kids Speak JESUS Festival

The Kids Speak JESUS Festival is an annual gathering that provides a platform for children and youth from third to eighth grade to express their faith, creativity, and communication skills. Our festival encourages them to share their stories, sermons, poems, and artistic expressions inspired by a specific theme.

Festival Details

At the Kids Speak JESUS Festival, children from diverse backgrounds and age groups come together to celebrate their unwavering faith in Jesus. This vibrant event serves as a platform for young participants to showcase their faith-inspired expressions through various mediums, such as recitations, informative speeches, persuasive presentations, and artistic creations. Before the festival, children can sign up for their chosen category and prepare their presentations with the guidance of their teachers and mentors. During the festival, each participant will have the opportunity to present their piece in front of a supportive audience. Expert judges, often comprised of Communication students, will provide constructive feedback to help participants grow and develop their skills. At the end of the festival, every participant will receive an award for their courageous participation, recognizing their commitment to sharing their faith with others. Through this uplifting gathering, we aim to inspire others and glorify Jesus as our ultimate source of strength and courage. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of faith, creativity, and the transformative power of Jesus!


Download the following handouts: 
general information, the event schedule, how the festival meets educational standards, assignment suggestions for 3rd-8th grades and their standards, ideas on how churches and clubs can get involved, and a description of each category with expectations and feedback criteria for the day of the festival.

How can my academy get involved?

  1. Review the Festival Information: Familiarize yourself with the Kids Speak JESUS Festival details, including the categories available for student participation and the event schedule. Check out assignment examples and which standards are being met through this link

  2. Promote Participation: Encourage students and families to participate in the festival by sharing information about the event and highlighting its benefits.

  3. Facilitate Preparation: Support students in preparing their presentations by providing resources, practice opportunities, and feedback to help them refine their skills and confidence.

  4. Coordinate Logistics: Option 1: Help interested students and families with the registration process if needed. Option 2: Alternatively, consider organizing a school trip to the festival for interested students, providing the necessary male and female sponsors to accompany the students. Communicate with festival organizers to coordinate logistics such as transportation, housing arrangements (if necessary), and any additional support for your student's participation.

  5. Attend Sponsors: Accompany your students to the Festival to provide support and encouragement during the event. Engage with other educators, judges, and participants to foster networking and collaboration opportunities.

  6. Follow Up: After the festival, debrief with your students to reflect on their experiences and lessons learned. Encourage them to incorporate their learnings into future coursework and activities.

Come as a family

Attending the event as a family provides a unique opportunity for bonding and spiritual growth. Families participating together can support and encourage each other, fostering stronger connections and shared experiences. Additionally, witnessing children express their faith and talents can inspire parents and siblings. By engaging as a family, everyone can actively contribute to and benefit from the uplifting atmosphere of the event, creating lasting memories and deepening their spiritual journey together.

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