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Kid's Tents

 Soquel Camp Meeting

Connecting children with their Savior.

It is our prayerful mission that every child will come to know Christ as their personal Savior. We long for them to experience His loving and merciful heart so they can be transformed into His likeness.


This goal doesn't change at camp meeting. Our leaders spend the prior year prayerfully planning programs, and asking our Father which stories and activities will best reach each child. The staff strive to build personal relationships with the children, and pray that through their humanness, Christ will be revealed. We ask that you join us in this mission by praying for the children's meetings.

Age Specific Programming

Each division leader prepares a program designed specifically for your child. This makes the program more impactful for the child. It also makes it easier for staff to relate to the hundreds of children that come to each division. Please respect the process and truthfully give your child's age. 

Railroad Set


Birth - 3 years old

Jesus' Endless Love


Children will rotate through centers, teaching them about Jesus' grace through hands-on activities, songs, and crafts.

At least one adult must stay with their child during the meeting and show a matching number when exiting. We ask that the parent to take advantage of this time by interacting with their child.



AM 9:30-10:30; PM 2:30-3:30


AM 10:45-11:45; PM 3:30-4:30

Happy Children


4-6 years old

Where Kids Are Overflowing With Jesus' Love


Children start off each meeting by singing songs and learning about the daily bible point through stories and skits. They then rotate through centers: bible, craft, prayer, and exercise. After centers, children gather together again to praise God through song.



AM 9:00-11:00; PM 2:00-4:00


AM 10:30-12:45; PM 3:00-5:00

Kids Blowing Bubbles


7-9 years old

The Cross Quest: A Journey to Share Love with All

Director: Monica Barlow

               Gerry Lopez, NAD Assoc                         Dir. for ChildMin

During this program, children will learn about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and inspire them to share His love with everyone. This program offers a fun and interactive environment for kids to learn about faith, make new friends, and grow in their relationship with God. We pray to give them a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime



AM 9:00-11:00; PM 2:00-4:00; 7:00-9:00


AM 10:30-12:45; PM 3:00-5:00; 7:00-9:00

Children Embracing in Circle


10-12 years old


Director: Pastor Stephanie Elick

Each Junior is chosen by God to do amazing things for Him, and prayer is an integral part of knowing His plan.

During the afternoon meeting, Juniors will spend bible study time with pastors. 

Night Meeting Speakers:

To be determined



AM 9:00-11:00; PM 2:00-4:00; 7:00-9:00


AM 10:30-12:45; PM 3:00-5:00; 7:00-9:00

Youth Organization 2

Juniors Community Service

July 18

During this community service outing, Juniors get the opportunity to help others while learning about the environment. Permission slips will be part of the registration process online. Please pay attention to the departing and returning times and locations on the permission slip. Due to transportation costs, only Juniors and staff can ride on the bus.


Will be on the permission slip

Children Singing in a Choir

Singing in the

Main Auditorium

July 17 & 18

Primary and Junior children are given the opportunity to share songs they have learned with the Main Auditorium. Children need to go to their division early on the night they are scheduled to sing. Division leaders will inform kids when to arrive.


Primary - July 19 at 6:30 PM

Juniors - July 20 at 6:30 PM

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