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Kids' Fest August 25

Join us at "Heroes of Faith: Kids Fest" for a vibrant day full of fun and inspiration! Dive into exciting activities like craft-making, storytelling, and interactive booths, all celebrating community heroes and how kids can impact their own community through faith. Enjoy live music, engaging workshops, and outdoor games, perfect for families to learn, play, and grow in faith together. Don't miss this extraordinary day where creativity, community, and spirituality come alive for kids of all ages

Drawing Time


Craft Stations: Unleash creativity with "Hero Capes" and "Kindness Rocks."
Storytelling Booth: Be inspired by tales of faith and service from the Bible and beyond.
Mission and Service: Explore interactive booths showcasing ways to contribute to community services.
Bounce House and Rock Wall
Police Station

Interactive Activities

Scavenger Hunt: Embark on an adventure with clues celebrating Biblical heroes and community helpers.
Community Service Project: Get hands-on with projects like assembling care packages or writing thank-you cards.
Sports and Games: Team up for exciting outdoor games promoting fitness and teamwork.
Workshops: Engage in short, impactful sessions on teamwork, service, and faith.
Demonstrations: Meet local heroes like firefighters and nurses and learn from their experiences.
Smiling in a Food Truck


Live Music: Enjoy performances from bands and choirs that resonate with our theme.
Drama and Skits: Watch captivating plays that entertain and enlighten.
Food Booths: Savor a variety of kid-friendly delights.
Picnic Areas: Relax and socialize in our family-friendly eating zones.
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