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Children's Registration

at Camp Meeting

Keeping your children safe.

Keeping you children safe and secure is our overall goal at registration. We work hard to  collect vital information for to share with Security and First Aid. The quicker we can collect this information the more prepared and functional this entities can work. By  Pre-Registering your children you are helping us to be more effective, which helps your children in the long run. Also, registering before stepping foot on the Soquel Camp Meeting campus provides quicker service to you.

Once on campus, you will need to check-in at the Children's Registration Pre-Registration booth. There, you and  your child(ren) will be given their security wristband. It's as easy as that!

Father and Son
Steps to Register


If you have pre-registered, skip to step 3. All children from birth to 12 years old must be registered. It is vital that you register your child with complete contact information and site location in case of an emergency.

Steps to Register


A medical consent form must be filled out completely, which will be given to First Aid. If your child will be with a guardian, it is advisable to give them a letter stating they have permission to give medical consent.

Steps to Register


A colored wristband will be placed on child(ren). If pre-registered, and have received your child's wristband in the mail, go straight to their class. If you did not receive your wristbands, it will be filed under the adult's last name that registered the child(ren) at the registration booth.

Steps to Register


Parent(s) will also be given corresponding numbers to be shown at the division tent when picking up their Kindergarten or Primary child. Although Beginners parents are asked to stay with their child, they will still be asked to show their matching number when exiting.

Steps to Register


Children must wear wristbands at all times for their safety. If something were to happen to your child and they could not speak for themselves, their wristband will help security find you.

Steps to Register


Only a parent or named guardian can pick up a child. When registering add additional names of adults who are allowed to pick up your child.

Steps to Register


If a parent or guardian does not have their pickup number, they must go to registration before picking up their child. They will be asked to show their approved photo identification or asked for the registered PIN number.

Registration Information

Registration not only makes it possible for your child to attend programming designed specifically for their age but also helps security. If something happens to your child, security can find you through their wristband number and the information provided during registration. Whether you are at Soquel just for the day or for the whole camp meeting experience, your child must be registered.


The Children's Registration Booth is located north of the Main Auditorium in front of the Kindergarten Tent.

Weekdays: 8:00–11:30 AM; 6:00–9:00 PM

Sabbath: 8:00 AM–1:15 PM; 6:00–9:00 PM


Forgotten Angels is exactly that.


Due to the hustle and bustle of camp meeting, some children aren't picked up until very late. This only causes distress for the child and for the staff (who need a break before preparing your child's next meeting). Fifteen minutes after each child's program ends, all children not picked up will be taken to the "Forgotten Angels Station" located at the Children's Registration Booth after morning and afternoon programs or in the Primary Tent after the evening program. If after 30 minutes the child is still not picked up, security will be notified.

All wristband replacements happen at the Children's Registration Booth. If a wristband must be replaced for any reason, the registration team will replace the first one free. For any wristband replaced after the first free band, a $2.00 donation will be requested. If a parent has lost his/her number, then a new band will be replaced after the parent has shown his/her approved photo identification to the registration team.


Each division leader prepares a program designed specifically for your child. This makes the program more impactful for the child. It also makes it easier for staff to relate to the hundreds of children that come to each division. Please respect the process and truthfully give your child's age.

BEGINNERS: Birth–3 yrs. Yellow Wristband

KINDERGARTEN: 4 yrs.–6 yrs. Red Wristband

PRIMARY: 7 yrs.–9 yrs. Green Wristband

JUNIORS*: 10 yrs.–12 yrs. Blue Wristband

*Juniors may leave at the end of the meeting without parent pickup

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