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Fri, Sep 13  |  Hume Lake Christian Camps

CONNECT with God. CONNECT as a family.

CONNECT with other leaders in ministry...

by connecting to the vine.

God created us as beings who long for connection with Him and other people. Yet, our modern world of rushing and social media has made it harder and harder to make and maintain deep relationships. The CONNECT Retreat has been prayerfully designed to empower parents, ministry volunteers and leaders throughout Central California in the discipleship of connection. Together we will learn how to CONNECT with each other, church members, the community, and most importantly with our Savior. 

Jesus beckoned, "Stay joined to me, and I will stay joined to you. Just as a branch cannot produce fruit unless it stays joined to the vine, you cannot produce fruit unless you stay joined to me. I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you stay joined to me, and I stay joined to you, then you will produce lots of fruit. But you cannot do anything without me" (John 15:4-5).

This all inclusive weekend includes 2 different workshop tracks: Parenting and Sabbath School. Mix and match breakout sessions or follow one complete track for certification. Whether you're a lay leader, Sabbath teacher or parent; you will leave refreshed, inspired and empowered.

Click the registration button to get adult and children prices.

Sponsored by Central California Conference

Hosted by CCC Children's Ministry

The CONNECT Retreat: 

Rooted in the Vine

Speakers & Presenters

 karen Stubbs

keynote speaker

Karen is the founder and leader of Birds on a Wire, a ministry designed to equip moms through truth, encouragement and community. She is the author of 3 books, Letters to Moms, Moments with God and Tips on Motherhood.  She has also developed small group curricula for moms that is being used across the United States and in nine countries. Detailed Bio Link

Maya Dean Headshot.jpg 2.jpg
Maya Dean

parenting track

Deep, thoughtful & warm! Trudging through the trenches with you, Maya combines her education & research in psychology with personal experience to give practical tips in parenting.

David's Headshot.JPG
Pastor david Dean

Parenting track

Powerful & passionate! Pastor Dean uses his personal experiences, theological training and creativity to equip other parents with tools for connection with their family members.

Catrina LeSure.jpg

Pastor Catrina LeSure

Sabbath School Track

Catrina serves as an Associate Pastor for children and youth in NCC. She loves sharing Jesus with kids and has worked in children's ministries for 20 years. She has her BA in Elementary Ed. and an MA in Youth& Young Adult Ministries. She brings her humor, creativity and expertise to each workshop.


Pastor Victor Salazar

Worship Leader

Victor approaches ministry with a Praise & Worship focus, whose love for Jesus overflows in worship through song. He also serves as the Youth and Young Adult pastor for Visalia SDA church. 


Linda Schaffner

Sabbath School Track

Linda has worked in various educational and medical settings with children with disabilities.  In 2010 her youngest child was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 5.  This has given her firsthand experience in the daily struggles of parenting a child with special needs as well as the incredible joy that comes in helping a child with special needs discover their possibilities. Currently she is the Special Needs Specialist for the NAD Children’s Ministries Department. 


Lodging & food is included in your ticket price: Friday dinner- Sunday Lunch. Please include dietary needs in your registration form.

ie: vegan, vegetarian, gluten free

Extra Activities

Friday afternoon will have time for leadership or family building activities. Some of these activities have additional charges that need to be purchased while ordering your CONNECT Retreat reservation.

  • High Adventure Ropes Course- $35 per person, minimum age of 8 years old. These courses take 2 hours to complete. (15 person minimum)

  • Archery / Archery Tag- $10 per person/per hour (10 person minimum)

  • Rentals - Bikes, Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle boards & Rowboats- $10/per hour

  • Boats w/ motor (fishing only)- $15/per hour

  • The Plunge Jump - $5 per jump (10 person minimum)

  • Giant Swing- $5 per jump (10 person minimum)

Sept. 13


11:00 AM  -  Check In (In coffee shop)

  2:00 PM  -  Welcome & Orientation

  2:30 PM  -  Team/Family Building

                      (some activities require reservations 

                       and ticket purchase while registering for the                                 retreat)

  4:30 PM  -  Breakout 1

  5:30 PM  -  Dinner

  6:30 PM  -  General Session - Cedar Chapel "Be Rooted"                                                   with Karen Stubbs

  7:45 PM  -  Music & Fellowship

Sept. 14


  7:30 AM  -  Breakfast

  9:00 AM  -  General Session - Cedar Chapel "21st               Century Kids"

10:00 AM  -  Breakout 2

11:00 AM  -  Breakout 3

12:00 PM   -  Lunch

  1:15 PM   -  General Session  - Cedar Chapel "Be You"                                                         with Karen Stubbs

  2:15 AM  -  Breakout 4

  3:00 PM   -  Free Time

  5:30 PM   -  Dinner

  6:30 PM   -  General Session - Cedar Chapel "Be Intentional"                                            with Karen Stubbs

  7:45 PM   -  Reception - Games, Music, Snacks & Recognition

Sept. 15


  7:30 AM   -  Breakfast

  8:30 AM   -  General Session - Cedar Chapel "Preventing                                                     Child Abuse"

  9:15 AM   -  Breakout 5

10:15 AM   -  Breakout 6

11:15 AM   -  Closing General Session

12:00 PM    -  Lunch

Additional Information

Check In/Out

Check In - for the event is between 11:00-2:00. Occupancy for the rooms begins at 3:00 PM. Linens are provided and folded on each bed.

Check Out - rooms must be vacated by 11:00 AM

Breakout Schedule

Here is a look at what breakout sessions will be available for you when attending CONNECT Retreat. You can attend 1 full subject track or you can mix them up and attend whatever breakout session you feel like is calling your name.

PT- Parenting Track

SS- Sabbath School Understanding Children

Friday 4:30 pm - Breakout 1

PT- Parenting Children with Special Needs

SS- Helping Kids Through Tough Times


Sabbath 10:00 am - Breakout 2

PT- The 10 Commandments of Parenting

SS- Understanding Child Development

Sabbath 11:00 am - Breakout 3

PT- Involving Your Children in Ministry&Service

SS-Teaching Children with Special Needs

Sabbath 2:15 pm - Breakout 4

PT-Parenting & the Media Challenge

SS- Faith Development & Life Stages

Sunday 9:15 am - Breakout 5

PT-Dealing with Cultural Sensitivity & Bullying

SS - Temperaments

Sunday 10:15 am - Breakout 6

PT-Teaching Sexuality to Children

SS-Learning Styles

Breakout session times and topics are subject to change. 

Children - You are welcome to bring your children. There will be childcare during the breakout sessions for children 4-12. You will need to have your children with you during all other times, including General Sessions. Please register all children at the same registration site as for adults. Children 6-12 are $100 for the whole weekend, including childcare, lodging, and food. Children under 6 are free, 

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